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Andrews Air Force Base

Andrews Air Force Base (also known as Andrews AFB, or AAFB) is around twelve miles from the United States capitol via air, which is fewer than ninety seconds for a fighter jet. AAFB is a sealed armed forces base, to which civilian admittance is rigorously restricted. Chain-link fences crowned with barbed wire surround the facility. Air Force Security personnel with watchdogs police the facility round the clock.

Andrews Airforce Base constitutes the primary point of entry to the most prestigious destination on Earth. On that tarmac, armed forces musicians receive notables from all over the world every day.

Andrews Airforce Base also constitutes the biggest employer in Prince George's County. With about seventeen thousand military and civilian employees, Andrews Airforce Base comprises an enormous, dynamic community. Living accommodations are found fairly easily on the base or at a satellite residential area in Landover, Maryland. Lodging is also ample in the numerous close by towns. Andrews Airforce Base has very many single men and women looking for dates, lovers, friendship, and fun. On-base services and facilities are outstanding, as you might expect from a titanic, high-profile facility.

Training pilots and defending the American capital have been the Andrews Airforce Base's main duties. The DC Guard, which has been assigned to alert duties for a long time, has constructed alert facilities for its work parties that also include facilities for women flightcrew and maintenance personnel.

Andrews Airforce Base conducts air shows, and is as close to the center of the Washington, DC metropolitan area as you would ever see a major airshow. Any other significant air shows would have to be located in Virginia or Maryland, far from Washington.

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60th Aniv. of the Berlin Airlift

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